2019 … 1123 … Game of 8-ball? … Anyone?

So tonight we set out in the buggy to see Juniper Djinn at the Grand … I just love that old jazz … I have so much of it on CD … (Remember CDs?) … and we parked in our little triangular niche on Tack Street where we just fit … on down to the Grand … not many people there … still just barely eight … Jessica’s already singing … Derrin Crosby of Maha Via was sitting in with them … Jessica and Bill and Derrin and a drummer whose name I didn’t catch … We sat back at a table near the far end of the middle bar, back by the new cut that Steve and Tara put in … makes so much sense … anyway, we’re sitting there behind Dave … If your name is Gabe then Martha will have to kow-tow to you when you come up to Opera Drive for drinks … you did hear us invite you up for drinks, didn’t you? … date to be determined… and Pam and listening to the music when these three young women decided to play a game of pool … I was surprised, frankly, that they knew how to find the balls in all of those six little leather pockets instead of filling all those little slots … four or eight them … with quarters to release them from some holding place up under the edge of the table … you know what I mean … Anyway, these three young ladies began to play a game of 8-ball … No! … wait … I only said that to have a catchy title … I don’t have any idea what they were playing … it didn’t fit any form of pool that I am familiar with … I just know that they were flaunting everything they had … Did I tell you David was there … He was … And right after he sat down he was presented with the backside of one of the young ladies bending over the table and lining up a shot … he having to duck to keep her from punching him in the face with her backstroke! … He remained calm.

It was the pool game that seemed to have no rules … one of the young women would take a shot and then walk back over and huddle with the other two and one of them would hand the cue to another one of them and they would survey the table to find the next logical shot … or the most flaunting shot … and the funny thing was that not one of the three of them could shoot pool … But I must say they were trying to be polite to those of us who wanted to listen to the music … Except for David … I did tell you about David, right? … They (the young ladies) would raise their cue way above the head of anyone sitting next to the table causing them to have to put excessive low English on the ball and … on at least one occasion … causing the cue ball to exit the table.

The question becomes, should The Grand management shut down the pool table on nights when there is music? … Perhaps it should be up to the musicians …

Oh! … and did I mention that David was there? … Good Night.

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