One Day it Snowed in Bisbee

We were surprised to find about two inches of wet snow on the ground in Bisbee this morning, December 29, 2018. The last forecast I say was for a mix of rain and snow during the wee hours. I began taking pictures just about sunup over Lavender Pit and continued at intervals throughout the day. As you will see, by afternoon much of the snow had disappeared. I hope you enjoy the photos.

The shot below was taken at 7:23 which was only about five minutes after official sunrise at 7:17am.

Several groups of photos that focus on different areas of Old Bisbee as seen from Opera Drive follow. Each group covers the general timeframe from 7:30 to shortly after 9:00. Each frame shows the actual time it was shot.

The first group is looking out over Lavender Pit with a couple of the Glory Hole thrown in.

There are six frames following that show Brewery Gulch, all from basically the same angle over a span of an hour and a half.

The next two frames are views of Taylor Street with a glimpse of City Park and The Glory Hole.

A few views looking west above Opera Drive.

For the final group we turn around the other way and look east at OK Street and the hills above it.

As the parting shot I am revisiting the very first one taken before actual official sunrise I hope you enjoyed this little romp through snowy Bisbee.

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