2019 1122 GiGi

Friday Night … Old Bisbee … seemed quiet on the Gulch when we parked the buggy a few minutes before eight … not by where the garbage cans used to be but a little further down … two or three carlengths … We walked past The Quarry … some good sounds coming out even before 8 … and on past St. Elmo and around to the Queen where Timothy and Kathy and Melissa and Phil and Ray were putting on a show … incredible sound … lot’s of MoTown and … and … indescribable … Lot’s of people there … Started trying to name them but gave up! … Everyone was there … Or should have been … and then around to St. Elmo where One Ghost was playing … Derrick and Steve and Frank and Sam … Hadn’t heard ya’ll for awhile so this was a particular treat … and GiGi … I don’t know GiGi … I might like to know her better … And I told her I would put her in my blog .. . And she and her partner were enjoying Bisbee music … And that’s what counts. … Good Night! …

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