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23.0525.My 76th

It was at the Copper Queen Saloon., Bisbee, Arizona Thursday, two days after my 76th birthday. For some time I’d felt that I had many good friends in Bisbee, but if I ever had any doubts, they were dispelled this afternoon. I don’t know any other way to say Thank You! to all of you than this. I felt an outpouring of love that I’ve never felt in my life. This place is magical. I’m so happy to say that I want to end my life here. To all of you who came out to celebrate my 76th birthday, I am verklemmpt, Overcome with emotion. I can’t imagine being anywhere but Bisbee for the rest of my life and would love to celebrate my 80th with all of you. Hope to see ya’ll all again soon.

Ms. Cora’s Tale

A fictional tale of old Bisbee set in and above Brewery Gulch in the early 1900s

written by

Willard Douglas

Copyright 2023

All rights reserved.


Cora’s Tale is about a young woman who arrives in Bisbee in 1906 to marry a man she had a brief encounter with a few months before back in her home state of Arkansas. She is excited to find him when she arrives in Bisbee because he has promised to marry her when she get’s here. This is Ms. Cora’s Tale


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10 November 0002 NCE … Covid!

  • Covid!
  • Tuesday, 1 November
  • M first noticed hot water heater had leaked itself out onto the garage floor.  Drip. Drip. Drip.  When did it start? … Dripping … Dripping …  Shut down …  Vacuum up water and dump outside.  Arrange for a new water heater.
  • Dropped my ballot by a drop-box at an early polling place… no drama… shit!…
  • Wednesday, 2 November
  • Woke up nauseated. … diaharria… mild.  Felt crappy all day … and Thursday.
  • Martha felt crappy but wouldn’t admit … wasn’t … sick.
  • Friday, 4 November
  • I tested positive…
  • Felt better than I had all week.
  • Quarantining in Tucson where we have separate bedrooms available.  
  • Thought about needing meds that were in Bisbee by Monday.
  • Hunkered down until Monday.
  • Monday, 7 November
  • Both continue to feel ‘okay’ while knowing something was wrong
  • Went to Bisbee to get meds.  Left about ten.  Arrived back in Tucson by two-thirty.
  • Martha tested herself …  First time …  Positive …
  • Cancelled her Wednesday gig at the thrift shop.
  •  Tuesday, 8 November
  • Electon day! … Surprise! … Surprised!…Surprise!… Demos haven’t lost.  Democracy hasn’t lost… Yet!
  • Wednesday, 9 November
  • Suggested to M we come back to Bisbee on Thursday morning … We can quarantine in Bisbee as well as in Tucson since, both being positive, we may as well sleep in the same bed again … and put the new wheels on the buggy … and enjoy Sidepony weekend vicariously from it.
  • Thursday, 10 November
  • Will get the wheels back on the buggy in the morning and enjoy Sidepony from a safe distance this weekend.