2019 … 1108 … Sidepony … Day 1

Started at 3 at the Jonquil Motel where we met friends David and Sandy lately relocated to Fort Collins and are just back visiting … We heard the Whiskey Lickers with a guest fiddler and harpist … Great set, ya’ll … Beautiful afternoon … I’ll get photos out of my camera as soon as I can … Dave and Sandy headed down the street as Martha and I pulled the buggy out from the narrow strip beside the Jonquil where we barely have room to emerge onto Main … and back down the Canyon and back up the Gulch and Taylor and Opera and home …

After a break we navigated our way down Opera and Taylor and onto Brewery and … Alas! … the garbage cans by City Park were gone! … It was always possible to park the buggy beside them where there wasn’t enough room for a car but … Alas! … there was an SUV parked there!

And here we go on down the Gulch … Never seen a time before when there was no niche I could tuck the buggy into … but this was the night … and Martha said “Turn right up Howell.” and I said “But the sign shows ‘No Right Turn’” and she said … “Do It” … Okay, maybe those aren’t her exact words but I think it gets her meaning. … so up in front of the Copper Queen we went and parked by the Bisbee Community Y … and walked back around and up the Gulch to the Silver King where Tatiana Crespo was doing an … almost … solo set … she had a fellow on the beat box who was a good accompanist … She sang ‘The Cat Song’ … “Have you ever heard a cat mate. Have you ever heard that awful sound thay make?” …, I swear, she added some more explicit lyrics that I had never heard before … and then she finished her set. …

And Martha and I wandered for awhile in the wilderness of the Gulch … back and forth from Elmo’s to the Queen and back to OBBC … I anticipated the scene there … Melissa Reaves, Timothy Dick and others … not even a place to stand! … so we landed at the Grand … no music … between bands … the next band appeared twenty minutes after their appointed time … and announced they were going to do some rap music for us … Martha and I left … We walked to the Copper Queen where we knew all along we wanted to be at nine o’clock … Pros and Cons, you know … If you don’t … look at the schedule for their gigs the next two days…

We got there between bands … staked out a table … visited with friends from Opera Drive … and sat through the next band waiting for Pros and Cons to play at nine … and then our friends Suzanne and Ralph arrived fresh from a trip up from Phoenix … During the Pros and Cons we enjoyed our visit and I danced. … Thank you ladies … and then friends of Suzanne and Ralph … Marie and Tony … arrived and we enjoyed each other’s company … but Pros and Cons finished their set and Martha and I were very tired from a long afternoon and evening so we headed up the hill to the where the buggy was parked and then all the way up to the top of Opera Drive … home … Good Night!

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