2019 1102 Interesting Day in Old Bisbee

It started at the Grand but I’ll get back to that … We parked the buggy by the garbage cans by City Park in the Gulch about ten after eight and walked down and back up to the SKR4 (Silver King Room 4 bar) where Julianna and Derren (Maha Via) were playing … first time we had seen them in some time … discovered she had injured a foot and had been unable to dance for awhile … we listened to the 1st set … chatted … crowded bar … few people out front …

Second set … could hear a parade ascending the stairs … first there were three or four couples and some hangers on dressed like MadMen … (the series) … fifties? … Remember? … Probably not … followed so closely by the several people dressed as SteamPunkers! … I thought they were together but turned out they were two separate groups … the SteamPunkers left first … the fifties set stuck around for some time … nice red dresses with white polka-dots, ladies … Happy Birthday, Christina … hope I got your name right …

Then everyone left and there were only two or three or four left in the bar and it was Martha and myself and another couple who I should have introduced myself to … Wait!!! … I gave them a ForeverBisbee card … I did introduce myself … and just now Martha who was proofing this for typos said they were from Hereford … Now I’m really sorry I didn’t introduce myself to you …

Anyway, Julianna and Derren, you were delightful as usual and I’m so glad you’re putting down some roots in Bisbee.

And now, to the afternoon … Best for last and all that … Don Detrich played a solo set at The Grand from 3-6 … Enjoyed it so much Don … and Rhonda was there of course and David and Lady Stacy as well …

Old Bisbee … I can see my house from where I park the buggy but … Shit! … I realize how glad I am that I don’t have to walk back up Opera Drive!

… Julianna, I so want to see you back up on your platform making your own special magic with your feet…

…Good Night, All …

  1 comment for “2019 1102 Interesting Day in Old Bisbee

  1. John Cordes
    3 Nov 2019 at 06:31

    Good work Martha.


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