2019 0907 Blues in Bisbee 2019

It was going to be just a drop-in… over a 9 hour period… a Blues Fest party on our balcony … where we can hear the music being performed on stage almost like we were sitting in front of it … so about 8:30 in the morning I went down and up to the Circle K for ice … I’m on my way back up Opera Drive with the two bags of ice on the floorboard of the Bisbee Buggy rounding the corner around Central School into a narrow canyon of street and see a young woman walking with what seemed to be a rather rambunctious dog on a short leash … I moved over to the far left side of the street and slowed … As I passed I turned, smiled and waved and she said “You must be Martha’s husband” … I stopped and looked around … “And who might you be?” … She turned and extended her hand … We barely shook hands when a truck came around the corner in front of me and I had to move … “I’m staying above you.” she said as the truck moved between us and I heard no more … Martha confirmed when I got back to the house with my ice that she had sort of met Michelle when Michelle left on the walk with Lucy … Michelle and Lucy were staying at the AirBNB above us … And I asked if she’d asked her if she wanted to join our party … and she said no but she thought about it and then later, not long after the Craig Green Band began playing at 1 she came back by and we told her we were having some people in and invited her to join us and so she did!

So, this is Blues in Bisbee 2019 … Bad News Blues Band just stopped playing or didn’t … he just said they would do one more … last one before this one was Dance to the Music … This is a good band that plays a blues style we need more of in Bisbee … a saxaphone … and a saxaphone … we have horns … Shantiy and Etta … and … can’t think of anyone else … can you? … Leo Bakeland plays the saxaphone … where are you Leo? … The complete Blues in Bisbee lineup was: the Craig Green Band followed by the Panther Band … loved your set even though I didn’t get to hear Danielle sing “Strolling Down OK Street” … I’m not saying you didn’t do it, I’m just saying I didn’t hear it … and then Black Cat Bones whom I don’t know but sounded good … and then the Chad West Trio … featuring one of, if not the, best lead guitarist in Bisbee … Cat Daddy and the 12 Barz Blues Band … great set as always … Melissa Reeves … have been telling everybody since she came back to town … Yeaaaa! … if she and Janis had been contemporaries … and just now the Bad News Blues Band … have not actually seen them but this is the second year I’ve listened to every note from my balcony … Next year I’m buying a ticket just to come down and actually see ya’ll as well as hear you!

Very sorry that one of those who were supposed to be on the balcony with us had an accident on Saturday morning and could not be there. We miss you and look forward to partying with you again soon.

  1 comment for “2019 0907 Blues in Bisbee 2019

  1. 8 Sep 2019 at 07:07

    I missed the whole thing this year! Glad you had front row seats, of sorts.


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