2019 0815 Thursday … Night of the Full Moon … Happy Birthday Theresa

It was a wonderful evening from the lawn games that were supposed to start at 5:30 but never quite got off the ground … pun intended … to the sumptious repast that included … and don’t hold it against me if I didn’t see your favorite dish … turkey … mashed potatoes … a wonderful, crunchy, oniony, lettuceless salad … I think I saw corn but my plate was beginning to fill so I didn’t get any … especially since I saw a pot of ham pieces floating in wonderful ham juices … and then Martha found the beans simmering on the stove … and deserts … and deserts … and deserts … especially carrot cake.

Then Chad West was playing lead guitar with Barry on bass and Curtis on drums… and Don Detrich’s guitar was heard on several numbers … lots of dancing … many people I knew … some I didn’t … several I met for the first time or again for the first time, anyway … and others I didn’t meet at all but we were all friends.

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