A Day to Remember

It was the Grand, Grand Opening of the New Grand Saloon and Hotel, now under new ownership … Congratulations Cara and Steve … Great afternoon and evening … Too many friends and new acquaintances to mention by name … So this short edition is dedicated to The Panther Family … to see not just three generations of Panthers on the same stage together … mama Pat … son Sam on drums … Sam’s wife Danielle and daughter Phoebe on vocals …. and keeping it all together was Frank Tornoe on bass and … of course … Steve Drew on electric guitar … truly great Bisbee music … but the hero of the day was Phoebe Panther … she turned 13 today … and sang with Mike Montoya earlier in the afternoon … before accompanying her mother on many songs … I can’t think of a more satisfying day and evening in Old Bisbee … Good Night!

  1 comment for “A Day to Remember

  1. 9 Jun 2019 at 04:42

    I saw Pat when she was still singing on the street. Didn’t make it to the Grand, but it sure sounds like it WAS Grand!


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