2019 0531 The Centipede

I went on an errand in the Down Under … the space underneath my house that some call a basement but sunlight streams in through four large windows in the front wall so the space is not sub-terrainian … Anyway, this morning I went down for some obscure reason and found the critter above wriggling around in the dry utility sink … there happened to be a red cup handy so I scooped him up with a screwdriver and dropped him in … he continued to wriggle … Thinking … or not … that he was in the sink in search of moisture … I had attempted to dribble a few drops of water in … oops … The boy was almost submerged … Quickly I poured the water out … set the cup on the sideboard … trudged up the steps to the house to get my camera … back down … transferred the centipede to a sheet of packing styrofoam and snapped the shot above and the one below … as well as a slightly out of focus one of his ventral … belly … side that I won’t display … Too bad I drowned her … You can clearly see the 21 pairs of legs she has … All centipedes have an odd number of segments with one pair of legs per segment … thus none of the over 3,000 known species … the total worldwide estimate is 8,000 species … has exactly 100 legs … In addition to the 21 pairs of legs she has, the pair of orange appendages on her last segment … the ones with the tiny pincers at the end … known as forcipules … and the real tragedy in his having recently met his demise is that when she was alive she carried her forcipules curled up over her last segment rather than turned down to snag on anything he came in contact with … gender switch deliberate … I have no idea how to determine the gender of a centipede … Stop Rambling. Bill! … Bye-Bye

  1 comment for “2019 0531 The Centipede

  1. 31 May 2019 at 17:37

    Beautiful … ugly. At times I’m not sure which.


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