Another Night in Old Bisbee

Another Night Day in OB … It started in mid afternoon when we parked the buggy in the nitch on Tack Street … Down to main … Strolled down … Bought nothing … Strolled on around to the Queen … Gidzillah Gideon’s birthday … Nice celebration … Happy Birthday, Bro … Back home … Little dinner (There was a lot of delicious birthday cake at the party!) so we couldn’t eat much … Had planned all day to go back down tonight … Martha wussed out but not me … Left the house about 8 … Was puttering down Opera Drive almost to Taylor when I saw a police car … Eased on down to the stopsign and the ambulance became visible … Wanted to go down Taylor to the gulch but that was out so I eased around them and went on around the curve down around Central School … Parked facing back up the hill just below Gym Club Suites … Strolled down and around through the gulch to the Silver King where the Last Call Band (Kari T. James, Mark Goldstrom, John Cordes, Jim McBride, and Ritchie (Someday I’ll know the other name)) were playing … All of them, especially John Cordes, were in rare form tonight … Does that mean they were good? … By the break I was getting cold sitting out on the patio and decided to mosey over to St Elmo where Rockus was playing … They’re good … Lots of old covers from the sixtys, seventys, eighties (okay, I don’t remember when songs were first released or who released them. I know I was listening to them when I was much younger!) … Hung around through one set and one beer … Interesting scene … Music was bordering on hard rock (My definition, not yours!) … Lots of energy … Full dancefloor … Interesting people … Mostly (maybe all) younger than me … Relaxing stroll back around the Queen to the buggy and back up Opera Drive.

Good Night

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