Cinco de Julie!

_MG_7463Happy Birthday, Julie. Let’s see you were … Okay. You have lots of friends, OK? I’ve never done this before but I’m going to name names! … Rhonda and Don … Cowboy Jim and Nancy … Andie … Janet … Michael (x2) … the beautiful Liza Jane (and Jim thumping on the bass guitar, of course) … I’m missing so many more, and to you, I apologize. Oh, shit! … of course … David … back from Burning Arizona.

Well wait! There are a number more I am overlooking. Kari James, Mark Goldstrom, John Cordes, Jim the Bass Player, Ritchie on the box, and, joining The Last Call Band for the first time, I think! (am I right?) Timothy Auld Lang Syne on the keyboards. During breaks a gentleman from … not Bisbee … played guitar and ended up playing several numbers on six-string and bass with the rest of the band … got lots of people up on the dancefloor … Jesus also played a few numbers … To everyone named in this paragraph, thank you so much for the music. It is what makes Bisbee special! When it comes to talented musicians, we have an embarrassment of riches!

And I cannot forget the ladies behind the bar. Kristen, Terry (I didn’t see her but I think Mark mentioned that she was back there), and one other young lady whose name I am unfamiliar with.

We made our exit through our many friends. Julie gave me a big hug and peck on the mouth as we were leaving. I think she had stationed herself near the door to tell everyone goodbye.

And I am saying, ‘Good Night’.

Cinco de Julie!

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