The Saturday ??? (Lost)

And Martha said “Feel my shoe. It’s so cushy.”.

She handed me a flip-flop she had been wearing all evening.

But that’s the ending.

Here’s the beginning.

We parked the Bisbee Buggy by the garbage cans at city park and walked to the Stock. Wanted to talk to Mark and Kari about the munchkins who were performing in front of them and, once, at least, behind them last Saturday.. So we found out Kari was sick (Get Well Soon, Girl!). Not because of that but for the reason stated above the only reason we stopped was for me to ask about the children. – (They don’t know them!) – we left while they waited on Kari and went on up to the Grand. Most evenings at the Grand are interesting. Tonight was somewhat especially so because of a lady I met at the bar whose name I have forgotten as I told her I would.

Anyway, we left the Grand and headed back down to the Stock. Walked in. I saw our friend Glenda sitting at a table about midway up. I thought to myself, “How did she get here before we did?” No matter, there she was. I walked up behind her, placed my hands on her shoulders, and was about to say, “You’re the most beautiful woman here.”?” when she turned around and I saw that I was flirting with a complete stranger. She and her husband were wonderful people. We stayed through the next set of Last Call Band (sans Keri). walked back to the buggy and putted up the hill.

And then Martha said, “Feel my shoe!”

  2 comments for “The Saturday ??? (Lost)

  1. Sandy Miller
    28 Apr 2019 at 06:28

    Enjoying your reporting on Bisbee nightlife. Feel like we’re walking in your footsteps. Miss that scene a lot! Wish we were there. Miss you guys too. Enjoy your cushy shoes, Martha!


    • 28 Apr 2019 at 07:40

      Thanks, Sandy. I’ve thought about doing something like this for some time telling myself ‘I’ll wait to morning to write it’ but by morning my thoughts weren’t the same.


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