The Shotgun Wedding

Please sit back and listen to an original twisted tale about a shotgun wedding. It takes place in the predawn on a frigid January morning somewhere in the American south. I hope you enjoy and will kindly send me your comments.

The Bisbee Chronicles

Just Published! The first and second of a three part series … currently … of short stories I call The Bisbee Chronicles. Each of them is presented as an audio file read by the author with the manuscript directly below the little audio player. I’m not usually one to beg, but please, please, please leave me a comment.

Here is a suggestion ‘I found this story (pick one: interesting/boring/garbage/other adjectives that can’t be published here).

Oh, that reminds me, some of the adjectives you might want to insert into the sentence above may-be/are spoken/written in the stories along with sex, alcohol, and violence. Parental guidance is suggested.

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