Happy 0002, New Covid Era

Can you believe it? We went into a lockdown early in 2020, or, as I’m advocating, year 0000 of the New Covid Era. I’m thinkin we may be entering a new era which will, 500 years from now, if the earth has survived, be dated from the first year we experienced this plague!


It is truly a plague. The difference is that we now have hospitals that are working overtime to attempt to prolong the life of those who present to them with Covid 19! In earlier plagues, the bodies were dumped in the street after dark to be collected by men with donkey carts who were paid by the body to eradicate them. But unless you look up the statistics on your news feed, you don’t hear much about how many people are dying today of Covid. Perhaps we should start tossing the bodies of those who are unvaxxed … dead of Covid … into the street like the plagues of old. EVERYONE WOULD NOTICE.

Pandemic is just another word used for plague. Perhaps we should start using plague instead.

I used the words above, ‘if the earth has survived’ for 500 years. It is not on the human race that the earth depends. THE HUMAN RACE DEPENDS UPON THE EARTH!. ResearchThe GAIA Hypothesis, introduced by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s. WE, the human race, depend upon the EARTH. The EARTH does NOT depend upon humankind!

And as we continue to increase the population of this sphere in the middle of nowhere that we live on, at some point this sphere will reach its carrying capacity. What happens then?

None of us knows.

But it is my belief … To me, the word belief implies a theory or hypothesis. Something that has not been proven. But, theories and hypotheses are subject to scientific inquiry. Beliefs are not. … Sorry …

I originally meant to say, before putting you into a complete funk, that I want to wish you a joyous time of avoiding the anti-vaxxers. For, as earth’s population continues to increase exponentially, there are going to be … my belief. not science. … many more pandemics for that is how these critters spread …

It is my sincere wish that we all endure Year 0002, NCE in the most joyous way possible.

Happy New Year!