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The Bisbee Chronicles

Just Published! The first and second of a three part series … currently … of short stories I call The Bisbee Chronicles. Each of them is presented as an audio file read by the author with the manuscript directly below the little audio player. I’m not usually one to beg, but please, please, please leave me a comment.

Here is a suggestion ‘I found this story (pick one: interesting/boring/garbage/other adjectives that can’t be published here).

Oh, that reminds me, some of the adjectives you might want to insert into the sentence above may-be/are spoken/written in the stories along with sex, alcohol, and violence. Parental guidance is suggested.

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0001 New Covid Era… 05.23… Seventy-Four!!!!

That’s my age after today. And my friends in Bisbee made it maybe the most special birthday I’ve ever had. I know a lot of you have left me messages today and I appreciate that… And I promise I will respond to each and every one of you tomorrow.

This afternoon was special. Martha and I drove the buggy down to our Tack Street Niche… overgrown with weeds but we parked anyway… and walked down to the Grand. For, I think, the third time this week we… I… had gotten the time wrong… It was our … my… belief that Keith Allen Dennis along with Ole Lang Syne and Sam and Danielle Panther… were starting at two and it was two and the bar was deserted… Haven’t seen it that deserted since we began to trust the vaccine!…

So the music didn’t start til 3 and Martha and I sat there and watched as Keith Allen arrived and then Sam and they began to set up … anyway, we enjoyed sitting there until the music started when we were surrounded by Bisbee friends…

and some fantastic Bisbee music… It’s the reason I’m here.

Thank you all for making my seventy-fourth a reason to maybe stick around for the next one.