The Bisbee Chronicles

A five part series of tales I’m calling The Bisbee Chronicles. They are all set in the early part of the twentieth century but no year is ever specified. The one enduring character from tale-to-tale is named Elmo, a seventy year old man who opened a bar in Brewery Gulch ‘a few years ago’.

This is a complete work of fiction. My descriptions of Brewery Gulch are totally from my own imagination and may or may not coincide with anything that may have happened a hundred-plus years ago.

CAUTION: Parental discretion advised.

I invite you to: Listen; Read; or Listen and Read!

Comments greatly appreciated.

Part I … Elmo on the Broadway Steps

A twisted Easter short story featuring The Broadway Steps

Part II … Maria

A little tale that occurs mostly on Quality HIll and up Moon Canyon

Part III … Faulkner

A young woman from Arkansas arrives in Bisbee looking for a man named Faulkner who had told her if she came to Bisbee he would marry her.

Part IV … Cora

The next day after the night before.

Part V … Jonny

As this is turning more into a single tale rather than stand-alone ones, you’ll just have to continue listening/reading to find out.

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