23.0525.My 76th

It was at the Copper Queen Saloon., Bisbee, Arizona Thursday, two days after my 76th birthday. For some time I’d felt that I had many good friends in Bisbee, but if I ever had any doubts, they were dispelled this afternoon. I don’t know any other way to say Thank You! to all of you than this. I felt an outpouring of love that I’ve never felt in my life. This place is magical. I’m so happy to say that I want to end my life here. To all of you who came out to celebrate my 76th birthday, I am verklemmpt, Overcome with emotion. I can’t imagine being anywhere but Bisbee for the rest of my life and would love to celebrate my 80th with all of you. Hope to see ya’ll all again soon.

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  3 comments for “23.0525.My 76th

  1. Anonymous
    26 May 2023 at 06:08

    I’ll be here when you’re 80 to dance at your party!! With love!!
    Pam N

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  2. Dave Nelson
    26 May 2023 at 08:48

    I have pictures of you dancing with a chicken! A good time was had by all my friend. Bisbee is better with you in it….

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  3. 29 May 2023 at 08:51

    Bisbee is a special place, for sure.
    But I’ve beer wandering for ten weeks now and am finding other interesting places. None quite like Bisbee, though.
    As much as I love it there, I’m feeling it’s time for me to leave. To where, I don’t know. But that feeling is pretty strong. Exciting but a bit scary at this age.

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