2019 … 1115 … Going to see Thelma

The old man came out his back door and down the seven steep steps and then on down eight more even steeper than the first ones to the street … He was thinking of Thelma … She worked in House 47 less than a quarter mile up the Gulch from where the steps he took down from Opera came out … you know the ones … they’re all disjointed and come out onto Walsh Avenue there by the parking lot at the corner of Walsh and the Gulch …

He walked up Brewery toward the red-light district looking for familiar places … there was a parking lot where the Acme Bar should be at the base of Youngblood Hill … and then on around and up past the Mimosa Market to where he knew Thelma had her crib … only it wasn’t there … there were only steps up to … nothing …

House 47 was/should be/was right there … five small cribs each with steps up from the street and at one end Miss Josie’s two room apartment … elegant it was … and Miss Josie kept a good house …

The old man looked around and cried … Where are they? … Where am I?

She came down in the golf cart that they used to get up and down Opera Drive and picked him up and took him home.

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