2019 … 1010 … Sidepony … Day 3 … Afternoon Interlude

I’m both sorry and glad to see Sidepony 2019 begin to wind down … I still plan to go down to see the jam session with Melissa Reaves at 9:30 so it’s not over yet! … It has been a whirlwind three days … I’ve already written about Friday so I won’t repeat that … Yesterday we decided to not start the day until about 4 when we went down and back up to the Jonquil and parked our chairs in their yard and, after a visit with David we started down to the ScreamingBanshee for Rockingchair … As we were walking down we ran into friends Evvie and Terry and Effie’s sister whose name has left me … Don’t be offended, they all do! … And then we heard our friends Dave and Sandy were at the High Desert Market listening to Rockin’ Chair … They were over there because it was too crowded over at the Banshee so we joined them there and enjoyed Rockin’ Chair whom we could hear but not see … And after we had something to eat at the High Desert we started walking back toward the Jonquil where we planned to spend the rest of the evening waiting for Melissa Reaves et.al. … and then the bottom fell out of the sky … We barely made it under the portico at the auto repair shop right across the street from the Jonquil … and waited and watched it rain … and waited and watched it rain … and chatted with a nice young fellow from Warren who had pushed his motorcycle under the same portico just about the time we arrived … And then the rain stopped and we went back to the Jonquil and our chairs were soaked but Sterling had started a fire in the pit and friends Deb and Paula were drying off a bench for us to sit by the fire … but then I remembered we had ponchos in the buggy which was parked right outside so I got them and spread them over the wet chairs and that worked pretty well keeping our butts dry but not well at all at keeping them warm so we sat there … on and behind the several Group W benches … [now Arlo’s in my head] … and visited with Evvie and Terry and Evvie’s sister and Deb and Paula and a delightful young lady from Phoenix who called herself Max and new friend Linda who raises goats out somewhere by the airport and then we heard the reason there was no music was because the soundboard had gotten wet and no-one seemed to know when … if … the music would start again and our butts were getting cold and we decided to head back to the top of Opera Drive.

And then it was Sunday morning and we went down to see The Last Call Band … Mark and Carrie and John and Barry and Richie … at the Stock and there were various friends there and it was the best music we’ve heard all weekend … No offense to the Whiskey Lickers on Saturday afternoon … [If you haven’t already, check out their photos at my SmugMug website.] … and then over to OBBC for Las Chollas Peligrosas who started at noon and it was still before noon … but … to our chagrin … the patio seating was non-existent so I went back down to the bar where I could sit with a porter … friends Michael and Theresa stopped in after leaving the Stock … and we had a beer … and then Martha came out and we wandered the gulch for a time and decided it was time to go back up Opera for a break …

Before we got to the buggy, as we were walking by the free store, we ran into three young people and I don’t remember how our conversation got started but gave them a ForeverBisbee card and they walked along with us and when we got to the buggy and before we could react Tara … [I’m sorry if I don’t have your name right darlin’ but Martha was supposed to remember because she’s the one that always does and but she didn’t.] … had managed to strap herself onto the golf club rack on the back of the cart and said, ‘Okay, take me for a ride.’ and John jumped up beside her and I offered to let Flex hang on as well but was afraid he would cause us to go topsy-turvy and make it difficult to steer so he stayed there while Martha and I drove Tara and John on a loop down and back up the Gulch … I don’t know what they were doing behind me as we drove but they caught the eye of everyone who were on the Gulch … and that’s Tara and John and Flex below. … Enjoyed meeting ya’ll.

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