2019 1018 Friday night in Old Bisbee

It started at the Grand … Buggy was parked by City Park in one of the little niches that we use … not big enough for a car … so we walked over to the Grand … Yeah, I know Bisbeens, that’s no walk at all … topic for another night … Listened to Pat Panther and the Panther Band until nine … Hadn’t heard them in quite some time so it was especially enjoyable hearing them again … but, alas … others called. … Next stop was the Queen where Mark was playing with a surprise guest who turned out to be Mike Montoya … Lot’s of friends there … [First names only please] … All of the band members, of course, Richie and Barry and John and Mike and Mark … and other friends Linda and her friend who introduced herself to me but I can’t recall it at the moment but then she had a significant other whose name, of course, I can’t recall either … I’ll not make any assumption about a relationship … but I’m pretty sure they’re going to be doing the 1000 Steps tomorrow morning and I will get to toast them with my mimosa that I’ll be drinking in my neighbors yard along the route … and David and Stacy and of course Julie, the belle of the ball. … but, alas … others called … Next stop was the Room 4 Bar where Timothy and Kathy were playing … Okay, I know you billed yourselves Auld Lang Syne for this gig but you weren’t them tonight … you were something special … not better … just a different side of yourselves … and the Silver King is such an intimate venue … we walked in to see our friends Nancy and … uh, what’s your name again … Karl, that’s it … they’d been out of town since May … ? … I think … and soon, Linda and her friend and her friend’s significant other and David and Stacy arrived, just as there was about to be no audience except Martha and I and the concert continued on until the appointed time of eleven and we all went home. … After several re-readings it dawned on me that it may have been only us old folks who went home … some of you may be out there partying yet … and I say … Goodnight

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