2019 0614 One Evening

I have just posted a Teaser Photo. Here is what should be displayed along with it except WordPress won’t allow me to look at it until I release it to the public so it comes in two doses!

The Teaser Photo was taken at 6:36:07 PM (18.36.07) last evening, 6/13/19. It is the first in a series of 26 frames superimposed upon this one. The last exposure was made at 9:40:02 PM (21.40.02) It is a GIF file that takes under a minute to run. You can see the moon in the center. If viewed on a large monitor you can see turkey buzzards circling. I plan to add smaller copies of the individual frames eventually.

The link to the time-lapse animation GIF is ForeverBisbee.com/One-Evening.

I would love a reaction.

  2 comments for “2019 0614 One Evening

  1. 16 Jun 2019 at 14:23

    No photos here.


    • 17 Jun 2019 at 08:59

      Sorry! Had a problem w/ WordPress. Couldn’t verify that the photo I wanted to accompany the post was correct because of a browser issue. I hope you found that the Teaser had been posted just prior to the verbiage that accompanied it.

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