2019 0525 : Saturday

We had more fun tonight than we have had the two previous nights this weekend … Thursday counts as weekend … Am I right? … They’ve all been great fun … Lots of friends … So tonight we drove the Bisbee Buggy down to the gulch … Parked by the garbage cans at City Park … Debated over whether to go up to the Silver King to listen to Juniper Jazz Ensemble … or to go to the Queen to hear Auld Lang Syne … Considered Martha going to the King and me to the Queen but she decided to follow me on down towards the mouth of the gulch … (Scott Bakeland from Out of the Blue once called Jessica Fleet of Juniper Jazz Ensemble ‘The Mouth of the Gulch’ … I’ve always thought that was a great name for her) … so we started the night at the Queen … Ken and Allison were there but we were separated by a large table of three for the first hour … and then, shortly after the tourists left, Glenda, Scott and … eventually Linda arrived … I heard somebody say ‘I think she was talking to somebody’ … … So then I’m wedged between a post and the table … deeply into the music … translated, that means, with my eyes closed … when I sense movement in front of me … opening my eyes I see David slowly easing a chair back toward my knees, preparing to sit down … he turned towards the table to put down his beer and then began to ease himself down into his chair … I reached down with the intention of easing it forward a half-foot or so to prevent him sitting in my lap … but when my hands touched it they somehow … miraculously … began to pull the chair back as close between my legs as it would go … his rear-end approached … I learned later … Glenda and Linda were both ready to grab his arm if it looked like he was going to the floor … thank god … if he had broken a hip? … not going there … Did you see something in their eyes, David? … miraculously … he froze and looked around at me as I slowly pushed the chair forward with a sheepish grin on my face … … Some nights in Old Bisbee are better than others … … We left the Queen and strolled over to the King about 10 … (Auld Lang Syne had been playing almost two hours and still not taken a break.) … Listened to the final set by The Juniper Jazz Ensemble featuring Miss Jessica Fleet … and those other guys who are great musicians but nowhere near as easy to look at … walked down the back way out of the King … came out onto Brewery directly across from the Bisbee Buggy … cruised The Gulch one time before heading back up the hill … Good Night, Ya’ll …


  2 comments for “2019 0525 : Saturday

  1. Glenda
    26 May 2019 at 21:55

    Best birthday weekend ever, and that’s saying something because last year was fabulous! I love celebrating in Bisbee, especially when I have so many co-Geminis to celebrate with! Between good friends, fantastic family, excellent dining opportunities, and world class musicians, this town rocks!!! I feel sorry for everyone who isn’t us. 😉


    • 27 May 2019 at 09:16

      Thanks so much, Glenda. I feel the same way. Never have I celebrated a birthday like I did this one with so many people I am honored to call friends.


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