Screw you! It’s my Birthday

Seventy-two years ago today a baby boy was born to Willard (Bill) and Faye Douglas weighing in at 8 lbs and some-odd ounces. (More details to follow.) … So, Happy Birthday to me … done … My real topic here has to do with the Whiskey Lickers … and their wonderful renditon of Two Dollar Bill … despite the missing banjo player … He’s in Afghanistan … But the remaining four members (Carl, Joe, Rich and … I’m sure there was one more … oh, yeah … how could I forget Miss Mollie Ratchet) … So I asked them to play the song … $2 Bill … and they did and lived up to their usual even without the banjo player whose name I can’t call … but the song made me nostalgic … in about another two weeks Martha and I will have been part-time-permanent residents … four nights a week in Bisbee, three in Tucson … of Old Bisbee for two years … and it was a matter of two or three weeks after we arrived when I became enamoured with The Whiskey Lickers … they still joke about having their Thursday night practice session … and by the end of the summer of 2017 we … Martha and I … had purchased a home in Old Bisbee …

Now, sing it with me one more time,

“Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Happy Birthday to Me”


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