Big Time Bisbee Sunday

Drove the buggy down about 1:30 … Parked by Goar Park and walked around to POCO to see/hear/ enjoy/more adjectives … Maha Via … “MahaVia is a collaboration between Julianna “La Patita” Thomas and Derren Davidavich Crosby. Inspired by the beauty and mystery that exists all around us and possessed by wanderlust, we live as full time nomadic artists. Nature is our muse and music is what we love. “ … Wow! … Okay, we walked into the Subway entrance to POCO and immediately saw our friends Rhonda and Don … joined them … I took lot’s of pics … one of them is posted here … many more will be posted soon (okay, give me about a week, maybe only three days) on the page herein “The Musicians of Old Bisbee” … Maha Via stopped playing at 2:00 … Strolled with Rhonda and Don down to The Stock … Mark and Kari and the rest of The Last Call Band … Namely Kari T. James … Mark Goldstrom … John Cordes … Richie Green … and Barry(ie) … sorry, can’t call your last name right now … Great party! … Everyone who was anyone was there … too many to mention … pizza (Thanks Rhonda and Don who walked away saying ‘There’s pizza coming. We will be back.” but they never came back!) [[Missed you.]] [[[And enjoyed the pizza!]]] … Cowboy Jim made wonderful carrot cake cookies [Nancy said he made cookies every morning but gave them away on his morning walk before she got up] [[I live just on the other side of your sister]] … and there were two birthday cakes … Kari brought one and Chrystal made one … Oh, yeah. This day’s birthday celebration was in honor of Kari (last Thursday [am I right?]) … Mark (today) … Barry (tomorrow ?) … yours truly (Thursday) … born in the same week of May but some years apart … I was first … And everyone in attendance passed a pleasurable afternoon in Old Bisbee … Come see us sometime.

  1 comment for “Big Time Bisbee Sunday

  1. David Miller
    19 May 2019 at 20:25

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Tell Mark and Kari we wish them the same.
    Sandy and Dave


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