Friday Night in Old Bisbee

First a nightly photograph.


Now, as to our night in Old Bisbee.  As usual, we rolled down the hill in the Bisbee Buggy and parked next to the garbage can next to City Park.  Then up the back path to the Silver King to listen to Last Call.  Forgot and left my camera laying on the seat of the buggy so (whew) back down the back path;  camera retrieved; decide to go back up steps instead of path.  Mark and Kari had audio problems.  Left and went to Copper Queen to listen to Kathy and Timothy.  (For the uninitiated, that’s Auld Lang Syne).  Arguably most enjoyable part of the evening.  Remembered they almost never take breaks.  Snuck out between songs about 9:30.  Arrived at Grand Saloon just before The Panther Band took a break.  Heard two songs.  Had an interesting conversation with Ken Payton.  Long break.  Time to go back to the Gulch.  Stopped into Elmo’s to hear Cat Daddy just in time for them to take a break.  Said “Hello” and went across to climb the 26 steps (always seems like more, but count ’em next time you climb ’em!) back up to the Silver King to hear part of Kari and Mark’s last set (She told me if I didn’t give her top billing …!).  They were on break.  Hung around.  Socialized a little.  (Never more than a little.) Back down the back path to the buggy.  (I think this is the first time in two years I’ve climbed the SKR4 stairs more than one time!)

So it might seem our night was over but, NO!  I decided to make a loop down to the mouth of the Gulch and back up to Taylor Street.  As I was approaching the same parking spot we had just exited, there were several young people disgorging themselves from a vehicle parked in the same spot.  One young man hailed me to stop.  Bear in mind that my Bisbee Buggy is a 1993 unaltered, gas powered, Yamaha golf cart covered with political stickers (‘Any Functioning Adult, 2020’; ‘Anybody But Trump’, ‘Support Science’ ((multiple times)); ‘I Support Planned Parenthood’).  (Runs like a bitch!)  Anyway, this young man said, “Can I go with you, Grandpa.” and I said “Only if you have some w—.”  He didn’t.  We left and went home.

  1 comment for “Friday Night in Old Bisbee

  1. David Miller
    27 Apr 2019 at 17:33

    Wish we were there for a typical night in bzb.


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