The following announcement was posted to the following Facebook groups: Visit Bisbee; Bisbee Musicians; and Bisbee Community; as well as on my personal page on 18 January 2109.

I invite you to view the Upcoming Events page at To access the page from a phone or tablet, tap Menu > Upcoming Events. I post all of the announcements for musical events that I can find on Facebook in chronological order, making it easy to see what’s happening tonight or next week or next month. I update it daily.

If you are a musician or are responsible for booking acts at one of the music venues in Old Bisbee and your announcement has not been posted, it is because I have not seen it. If you post it to one of the Facebook groups ‘Bisbee Musicians’ or ‘Visit Bisbee’ or other Bisbee Facebook groups, I will usually find it. Or you can send me a direct link using the comment section at is a completely private website not affiliated with any commercial entity. There is not now nor will there ever be advertising. While there are other pages at the site that I hope you will visit and enjoy, the primary focus is to announce musical events in Old Bisbee along with non-musical events at Bisbee Royale, Central School Project, Copper Queen Library, etc. All posts are at my own discretion.

Thanks for visiting. Please share with friends. Especially out-of-town friends who visit Bisbee.


  1 comment for “ Announcement

  1. John cordes
    7 Mar 2020 at 09:39

    Can you post my FB post? Thanks jc


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