The Last Weekend in January (and New Content).

Here we are at the end of January, 2018.  Tomorrow is Martha’s birthday.  (She will have to leave her age in a comment below if she wants you to know it.)  We put off returning to Bisbee last week until Friday so we could test-drive a Smart Car and then the dealership sold it before we could test drive it.

On Friday night we walked down to the Grand Saloon to listen to the band El Trigo for a while before migrating back down to the Copper Queen where we heard One Ghost.  Saturday afternoon the UofA basketball game started at 3:30 and we wandered down to the Copper Queen to watch it and were very pleasantly surprised to find that Gideon (a.k.a. Gidzilla) was accompanied by John Cordis on his fiddle and mandolin.  Finally, Sunday afternoon we enjoyed Out of the Blue at the Stock Exchange for a couple of hours.  Just one more weekend of live music in Old Bisbee.

Finally, please check out the latest installment in The Bisbee Adventure entitled The Decision.  It is accompanied with a new photoessay entitled Select Old Bisbee Properties.  If you visit either or both of these pages, I would be much obliged if you would leave comments regarding your thoughts about them.

Thanks for visiting.

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