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Scroll down to see all posted events. I rely on Facebook to find announcements in Bisbee. If I am tagged when an event is posted I will make sure it is posted here as well.

Just Added! Scroll to bottom of page to see the Winter 023 KBRP schedule.

I have recently discovered Steve Moramarco’s Conspiracy newsletter … This Week in Bisbee … and would like to introduce it here for those who haven’t yet discovered it. I find that, more-and-more, I am missing many of the events happening in Bisbee but Steve has them all. So if you’re interested in a more complete weekly agenda than what may appear here, please tap/click the link above to go directly to the most recent addition! … This is an experiment so if the link doesn’t work please let me know at BillDinAz@gmail.com … I do hope, however, that you will continue to visit ForeverBisbee! Thank you.

Thursday … 1 June 0003 New Covid Era

Friday … 2 June 0003 New Covid Era

Saturday … 3 June 0003 New Covid Era

Sunday … 4 June 0003 New Covid Era

Tuesday … 13 June 0003 New Covid Era


  16 comments for “Upcoming Events

  1. 21 Apr 2019 at 14:21

    Hi BillD. from Az! I am ScottM. and just read, and enjoyed, ForevereBisbee. This may be the best listing for music and events in Bisbee ever attempted, and there have been quite a few.. I have seen you at gigs and can relate to the love of Bisbee. Thanks for boosting my esteem by posting pictures. So here I am with shameless plugs for other Bisbee music, if you are ready. Every Tuesday eveing from 6pm till 9pm at the Bisbee Grand Hotel (bisbee’s living room) Becky Reyes plays guitar and sings folk, jazz, rock, latin in an acoustic fashion. This is my wife, whom I try to keep up with, this gig has been going on over four years. The show will sometimes take a different direction with the addition of guest players. Good food too. Becky does not seek to play as much as we did a decade ago as she is transitioning to painting for her livelihood, see her while you can. Facebook is Becky Reyes palominas something or another. Plus web sites. I do not keep up my website or facebook. Another regular act that I often sit in with is Sunday afternoon 2pm till 5pm at the Stock Exchange. Out of the Blue is jazz guitarist Scott Baekland. The line up may very, He has taught his sons to play bass and sax. TS HenryWeb switches to flute on this day. Nice place to while away an hour or three.


    • 21 Apr 2019 at 22:18

      Thanks so much, Scott. We’ve been following you and Becky since we came to Bisbee in June, 2017. Am familiar with her/your gig at the Grand on Tuesday’s. Unfortunately, we are in Tucson from Monday afternoon until Thursday afternoon every week I will start posting the Tuesday gig. Just please let me know if it’s not going to happen. Really enjoyed hearing you w/ Russ and Cindy yesterday. And, finally, I was so sorry to read about Gilbert. You seemed to be a particularly dedicated son-in-law.


    • Leslie goulet
      3 Mar 2022 at 13:18

      Thanks A LOT for making me want to drive after dark🥴 Music is always tempting.
      Wish we lived in Bisbee.
      But we’re out here in the
      Suffrin Springs Valley
      and……………. . planning an EQUINOX JAM
      celebrating all fellow jammers who have recently gone UPSTAIRS.(up the chute💫)
      Eg… Raven, Snake, George, Ramzi,
      Bobo and who more??🎶🌟🌈
      Please attend. Pass the word. For eg…..
      Los Amigos…..do u know how to reach Jesus?
      Bobos daughter will be present.(needs a ride)
      Ravens son Jim& Marimba Steve &Hazel
      Space for camping. BYO whatever.
      Sunset Toast, Bad VibesRoast…
      SUNDAY MARCH 20th. Noon til??
      Call Leslie or Charlie.. ph 520.642.2442
      Take FRONTIER RD to mile 7
      Follow the golden ribbons to
      5065 W TerraWay
      Bring a lawn chair and EZ snacks to share


  2. jc
    29 Nov 2019 at 15:34

    Bill. Who does your hair?


    • 30 Nov 2019 at 07:53

      I do! Put a 1/2″ guard on my clippers and run it over my whole head! Haven’t been to a haircutter


  3. john cordes
    22 Jan 2020 at 12:52

    The Unkee Factor band out of circulation for the foreseeable future. In it’s place is “The Pocket Puppets consisting of me and Jesus from Los Amigos. Please change those 2nd an 4th sat 3-6 at the queen.I will have Jesus send pic to you but in the meantime if you could put some thing in those spots for now. Much thanks, JC


    • 23 Jan 2020 at 07:42

      Thanks, John. I’ll get something posted later today.


    • Leslie goulet
      20 Oct 2021 at 08:39

      John Cordes… u r great!


  4. Victoria Gray
    13 Oct 2021 at 13:47

    Hi Bill,
    I wasn’t sure how to tag you. But there is an event that was just posted to the City of Bisbee group site. Halloween at the Ranch on the 29th, 30th and 31st. Could you please post it on your site? Here is the link to the ranch site in case you can’t post it from the City of Bisbee site. https://www.gardensatmilehighranch.com/halloween-1


    • 14 Oct 2021 at 08:49

      I’m not seeing it in the ‘City of Bisbee’ group and it downloads as an HTML file from the link you gave me. I need a .jpg file. You can send me the copy of the poster to BillDinAZ.gmail.com. Thanks.


      • 14 Oct 2021 at 08:49

        Sorry, Dave. This doesn’t apply to you!


      • Victoria
        15 Oct 2021 at 08:24

        Will do.



    • 14 Oct 2021 at 08:50

      Please send me a .jpg to BillDinAZ@gmail.com. Thx.


  5. Leslie goulet
    20 Oct 2021 at 08:40

    When will MARIACHI FEST be?


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