So tonight I went to the Copper Queen to listen to T.S. Henry Webb and Guy Filipelli (sp?) … great music … many friends there … stayed for about an hour … followed friends over to the Stock Exchange where One Ghost was playing … was hanging out at a table by myself just behind another table of friends … friends were everywhere … they might be imaginery … So anyway, I’m sort of holding this table for others (friends) who were expected to show up at some point and then a young lady came up and looked down at the empty chair across the table from me and I motioned for her to sit if she wished … she had half a glass of beer … the band took a break … the people I knew were standing up and socializing in the aisle … As I stood up to join them the young stranger proferred her empty glass to me and asked if I would get her a beer … Not sure what I was thinking I picked up the glass and turned and started to the bar and then said to myself “I’m not buying that woman a beer.” and I turned around and stepped back to the table and set her glass down and said, “Sorry. But I don’t wish to buy you a beer.” … and she said, “Oh, I didn’t intend for you to. That’s why I said she knows what I’m drinking.” indicating someone behind the bar allegedly knew.

“So you have an open tab, is that what you mean.”

“Yeah … I guess so.”

So I went over and asked the lovely barkeep if she knew the young stranger and she didn’t … I left the empty glass on the bar and returned to the table to tell the young stranger that the bartender didn’t recognize her … her large eyes glanced at me but she had begun to chat with a gentleman who was one of our party and was helping herself to his beer when the lovely barkeep came over to the table and talked to the young stranger who apparently told the lovely barkeep that I knew her and … anyway … long story short … the young stranger was asked to leave and she did so … We continued to listen to One Ghost until 11 and all went home.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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