Sunday’s Sidepony Lineup … Venue Sort

All times are PM unless AM is specified.

Bisbee GrandNoon:30Minor Crimes
Bisbee Grand1:30Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers
Bisbee Grand2:30Soda Sun
Bisbee Grand3:30Sister and The Sun
Bisbee Grand4:30Megan Diana
Bisbee Grand5:30Ben Anderson
Bisbee Grand6:30Fools Like Me
Bisbee Grand7:30Prose and Cons
ChuckleheadsNoonSunburnt Stone
Chuckleheads1:15Sad Reptilian
Chuckleheads2Wild Giants
Chuckleheads4Olympic Games
Chuckleheads5Midnight Clover
Chuckleheads7Monty O’Blivian
Chuckleheads8Chzbrgr Picnic
Chuckleheads9Minor Crimes
Chuckleheads10Tiny Bird
Copper City SaloonNoon:30Johnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
Copper City Saloon1:30Sink Like a Stone
Copper City Saloon2:30Spectrum Hues
Copper City Saloon3:30Terra Fractal
Copper City Saloon4:30A Band Called Sports
Copper City Saloon5:302000 Foot Turtle
Copper City Saloon6:30Gnarwhal JRZ
Copper City Saloon7:30Tiny Bird
Copper City Saloon8:45Soda Sun
Copper QueenNoonLynn Conover
Copper Queen1Rachel Bachman
Copper Queen2Jurro
Copper Queen3Juniper Ridge
Copper Queen4Jonathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
Copper Queen6The Ateliers
Copper Queen7:15Exploding Oranges
Copper Queen8:15The Whiskey Lickers
Jonquil11 AMKira Gee
JonquilNoonPanther Band
Jonquil1Quinn & the Confluence
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.NoonLas Chollas Peligrosas
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.2Rae Lydia Duo
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.4The Whiskey Lickers
POCO11 AMSean Golightly
POCONoonGolden Boots
POCO1Black Caesar
POCO2Haley Green
Screaming Banshee PizzaNoon:30The Walnuts
Screaming Banshee Pizza1:15Carrie Lynn Van Winkle
Screaming Banshee Pizza2:30Lynn Conover
Screaming Banshee Pizza3:30Special Guest
Screaming Banshee Pizza4:30Danielle Durack
Silver King2Los Jones
Silver King3Sad Reptilian
Silver King3:45Kira Gee
Silver King4:45Lynn Conover
Silver King6Juniper Ridge
St. Elmo BarNoon:302000 Foot Turtle
St. Elmo Bar1:30HI OK
St. Elmo Bar2:30Ben Anderson
St. Elmo Bar3:30The Maybe Next Years
St. Elmo Bar4:30Optimystical
St. Elmo Bar5:30Bird Lords
St. Elmo Bar6:30Black Caesar
St. Elmo Bar7:30Sci-Fi Country
St. Elmo Bar8:30The Exbats
St. Elmo Bar9:30Jam Session with Melissa Reeves
Stock Exchange10 AMLast Call Band
Stock ExchangeNoonMichael & The Pentecost
Stock Exchange1Smooch
Stock Exchange2Midnight Clover
Stock Exchange3Fools Like Me
Stock Exchange4New River Slim
Stock Exchange5Tati Crespo
Stock Exchange6Lumar
Stock Exchange7Sink Like A Stone
Stock Exchange8:15Ben Nomura Band
Stock Exchange9:15The Ateliers
The Courtyard10 AMThe Wilt Family
The Courtyard11 AMI Am Hologram
The CourtyardNoon:15Megan Diana
The Quarry11 AMDeejay P-Phunk
The QuarryNoonLarkspurs
The Quarry1Bird Lords
The Quarry2Fat Gray Cat
The Quarry3Monty O’Blivion
The Quarry4Algae and Tentacles
The Quarry5Rad Dude
The Quarry6One Ghost
The Quarry7Sherbet & Champagne
The Quarry8Colour T.V.
The Quarry9Gnarwhal JRZ
The Quarry10Prose and Cons
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