Sunday’s Sidepony Lineup … Time Sort

All times are PM unless AM is specified.

10 AMThe CourtyardThe Wilt Family
10 AMStock ExchangeLast Call Band
11 AMThe CourtyardI Am Hologram
11 AMThe QuarryDeejay P-Phunk
11 AMJonquilKira Gee
11 AMPOCOSean Golightly
NoonChuckleheadsSunburnt Stone
NoonCopper QueenLynn Conover
NoonJonquilPanther Band
NoonOld Bisbee Brewing Co.Las Chollas Peligrosas
NoonPOCOGolden Boots
NoonStock ExchangeMichael & The Pentecost
NoonThe QuarryLarkspurs
Noon:15The CourtyardMegan Diana
Noon:30Bisbee GrandMinor Crimes
Noon:30Copper City SaloonJohnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
Noon:30Screaming Banshee PizzaThe Walnuts
Noon:30St. Elmo Bar2000 Foot Turtle
1Copper QueenRachel Bachman
1JonquilQuinn & the Confluence
1POCOBlack Caesar
1Stock ExchangeSmooch
1The QuarryBird Lords
1:15ChuckleheadsSad Reptilian
1:15Screaming Banshee PizzaCarrie Lynn Van Winkle
1:30Bisbee GrandCarol Pacey & The Honey Shakers
1:30Copper City SaloonSink Like a Stone
1:30St. Elmo BarHI OK
2ChuckleheadsWild Giants
2Copper QueenJurro
2Old Bisbee Brewing Co.Rae Lydia Duo
2POCOHaley Green
2Silver KingLos Jones
2Stock ExchangeMidnight Clover
2The QuarryFat Gray Cat
2:30Bisbee GrandSoda Sun
2:30Copper City SaloonSpectrum Hues
2:30Screaming Banshee PizzaLynn Conover
2:30St. Elmo BarBen Anderson
3Copper QueenJuniper Ridge
3Silver KingSad Reptilian
3Stock ExchangeFools Like Me
3The QuarryMonty O’Blivion
3:30Bisbee GrandSister and The Sun
3:30Copper City SaloonTerra Fractal
3:30Screaming Banshee PizzaSpecial Guest
3:30St. Elmo BarThe Maybe Next Years
3:45Silver KingKira Gee
4ChuckleheadsOlympic Games
4Copper QueenJonathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
4Old Bisbee Brewing Co.The Whiskey Lickers
4Stock ExchangeNew River Slim
4The QuarryAlgae and Tentacles
4:30Bisbee GrandMegan Diana
4:30Copper City SaloonA Band Called Sports
4:30Screaming Banshee PizzaDanielle Durack
4:30St. Elmo BarOptimystical
4:45Silver KingLynn Conover
5ChuckleheadsMidnight Clover
5Stock ExchangeTati Crespo
5The QuarryRad Dude
5:30Bisbee GrandBen Anderson
5:30Copper City Saloon2000 Foot Turtle
5:30St. Elmo BarBird Lords
6Copper QueenThe Ateliers
6Silver KingJuniper Ridge
6Stock ExchangeLumar
6The QuarryOne Ghost
6:30Bisbee GrandFools Like Me
6:30Copper City SaloonGnarwhal JRZ
6:30St. Elmo BarBlack Caesar
7ChuckleheadsMonty O’Blivian
7Stock ExchangeSink Like A Stone
7The QuarrySherbet & Champagne
7:15Copper QueenExploding Oranges
7:30Bisbee GrandProse and Cons
7:30Copper City SaloonTiny Bird
7:30St. Elmo BarSci-Fi Country
8ChuckleheadsChzbrgr Picnic
8The QuarryColour T.V.
8:15Copper QueenThe Whiskey Lickers
8:15Stock ExchangeBen Nomura Band
8:30St. Elmo BarThe Exbats
8:45Copper City SaloonSoda Sun
9ChuckleheadsMinor Crimes
9The QuarryGnarwhal JRZ
9:15Stock ExchangeThe Ateliers
9:30St. Elmo BarJam Session with Melissa Reeves
10ChuckleheadsTiny Bird
10The QuarryProse and Cons
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