Saturday Sidepony Lineup … Venue Sort

All times are PM unless AM is specified.

Bisbee GrandNoon:30Desert Purple
Bisbee Grand1:30Rachel Bachman
Bisbee Grand2:30Johnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
Bisbee Grand3:30Ben Nomura
Bisbee Grand4:45The Walnuts
Bisbee Grand5:30Blind Mountain Holler
Bisbee Grand6:30Shawn Johnson
Bisbee Grand7:30Midnight Clover
Bisbee Grand8:30Shirley Shrimp
Bisbee Grand9:30What’s The Big Idea
Bisbee Grand10:30Aztral Folk
Bisbee Grand11:30Doug Preston & The Soul Searchers
Bisbee Social Club6A Band Called Sports
Bisbee Social Club7?? OK
Bisbee Social Club8Boycott!
Bisbee Social Club9Gnarwhal JRZ
Bisbee Social Club10Lawnchair
Bisbee Social Club11Colour TV
Bisbee Social ClubMidnightBrother Teresa
ChuckleheadsNoonExploding Oranges
Chuckleheads1Latosque & Elysium
Chuckleheads3New River Slim
Chuckleheads4The Psychedelephants
Chuckleheads5Terra Fractal
Chuckleheads6Desert Fantasy
Chuckleheads7Mahogany 4
Chuckleheads8Sink Like A Stone
Chuckleheads9Mill’s End
Chuckleheads11Cattive Cooks
ChuckleheadsMidnightThe Maybe Next Years
Chuckleheads1 AMGhost Cat Attack
Copper City SaloonNoonLosJones
Copper City Saloon1Captive Cooks
Copper City Saloon2Post HOC
Copper City Saloon3DOMS
Copper City Saloon4The Smiling Faces
Copper City Saloon5Juniper Ridge
Copper City Saloon6Optimystical
Copper City Saloon7Latosque & Elysium
Copper City Saloon8Nearvana
Copper City Saloon9The Bittersweet Way
Copper City Saloon10The Senators
Copper City Saloon11Treasurefruit
Copper City SaloonMidnightThe Groove Theory
Copper City Saloon1 AMSara Robinson Band
Copper Queen SaloonNoonKira Gee
Copper Queen Saloon1Wild Giants
Copper Queen Saloon2KaddyWumpus
Copper Queen Saloon3Megan Diana
Copper Queen Saloon4Minor Crimes
Copper Queen Saloon5The Canaries
Copper Queen Saloon6Cosmic Cowboys
Copper Queen Saloon7Michael & The Pentecost
Copper Queen Saloon8Sunburnt Stone
Copper Queen Saloon9Palo Brea
Copper Queen Saloon10Danielle Durack
Copper Queen Saloon11Quinn & The Confluence
Courtyard5Fools Like Me
Courtyard6Doug Preston & Ronnie Winters Duo
Courtyard8Tender Desertrat
Courtyard9Las Chollas Peligrosas
Grassy Park10 AMHaley Green
Grassy Park11 AMDoug Preston
Grassy ParkNoonRockin Chair
Grassy Park1Lumar
Grassy Park2Fashion Show w/ Rad Dude
Grassy Park3Sean Golightly
Grassy Park4La Luz de la Luna
Grassy Park5Rae Lydia Duo
Jonquil MotelNoonThe Canaries
Jonquil Motel1Shirley Shrimp
Jonquil Motel2The Apaches
Jonquil Motel3Treasurefruit
Jonquil Motel4Johnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
Jonquil Motel5Pride Through Strife
Jonquil Motel6The Lonesome Wilderness
Jonquil Motel7Golden Boots
Jonquil Motel8The Exbats
Jonquil Motel9Melissa Reaves
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.1Shawn Johnson
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.3The Hourglass Cats
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.5I am Hologram
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.7Lynn Conover
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.9Megan Diana
POCO11Spicy Loops
POCONoonPride Through Strife
POCO1Ghost Cat Attack
POCO2Brother Teresa
POCO3Carrie Lynn Van Winkle
POCO4The Exbats
POCO5The Whiskey Lickers
Screaming Banshee PizzaNoon:30Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
Screaming Banshee Pizza1:30Behavior
Screaming Banshee Pizza2:30The Wilt Family
Screaming Banshee Pizza3:30Tender Desertrat
Screaming Banshee Pizza4:30Rockin Chair
Screaming Banshee Pizza5:30Liz Anne Hill
Screaming Banshee Pizza6:30The Ateliers
Silver King2:30Ronnie Winters
Silver King3:30Jay Allan
Silver King4:30Jurro
Silver King5:30Carol Pacey & The Honey Pacers
Silver King6:30Exploding Oranges
Silver King7:30Monty O’Blivion
Silver King8:30Aztral Folk
Silver King9:30Algae And Tentacles
Silver King10:30Big Affection
Silver King11:30Spicy Loops
Silver KingMidnight:45Animatronic
St. Elmo BarNoon:30Larkspurs
St. Elmo Bar1:30Fat Gray Cat
St. Elmo Bar2:30Snailmate
St. Elmo Bar3:30DaDaDoh and the P.O.C.
St. Elmo Bar4:30Chzbrgr Picnic
St. Elmo Bar5:30Danielle Durack
St. Elmo Bar6:30The Banter
St. Elmo Bar7:30Antenna Talk
St. Elmo Bar8:30Deejay P-Phunk
St. Elmo Bar9:30Gidzillah
St. Elmo Bar10:45Pride Through Strife
St. Elmo BarMidnight:15The Hourglass Cats
Stock ExchangeNoon:30Elijah Young
Stock Exchange1:30Boycott!
Stock Exchange2:30Aztral Folk
Stock Exchange3:30Desert Purple
Stock Exchange4:30Sloan Dylan
Stock Exchange5:30Revizor
Stock Exchange6:30Mill’s End
Stock Exchange7:30Carrie Lynn Van Winkle
Stock Exchange8:30Captive Cooks
Stock Exchange9:30Larkspurs
Stock Exchange10:30The Apaches
Stock Exchange11:30The Lonesome Wilderness
Stock ExchangeMidnight:30Hostile Work Environment
The QuarryNoonCommiserate
The Quarry1Sci-Fi Country
The Quarry2Black Baptist
The Quarry3Los Jones
The Quarry4Spectrum Hues
The Quarry5Lawnchair
The Quarry6Olympic Games
The Quarry72000 Foot Turtle
The Quarry8Black Caesar
The Quarry9Post HOC
The Quarry10The Woodworks
The Quarry11Shirley Shrimp
The QuarryMidnightDaDaDoh and the P.O.C.
The Quarry1 AMAncient Egypt
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