Saturday Sidepony Lineup – Time Sort

All times are PM unless AM is specified.

10 AMGrassy ParkHaley Green
11 AMGrassy ParkDoug Preston
11 AMPOCOSpicy Loops
NoonGrassy ParkRockin Chair
NoonJonquil MotelThe Canaries
NoonPOCOPride Through Strife
NoonCopper Queen SaloonKira Gee
NoonCopper City SaloonLosJones
NoonChuckleheadsExploding Oranges
NoonThe QuarryCommiserate
Noon:30Bisbee GrandDesert Purple
Noon:30Screaming Banshee PizzaCarol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
Noon:30Stock ExchangeElijah Young
Noon:30St. Elmo BarLarkspurs
1Old Bisbee Brewing Co.Shawn Johnson
1Jonquil MotelShirley Shrimp
1POCOGhost Cat Attack
1Copper Queen SaloonWild Giants
1Copper City SaloonCaptive Cooks
1ChuckleheadsLatosque & Elysium
1Grassy ParkLumar
1The QuarrySci-Fi Country
1:30Bisbee GrandRachel Bachman
1:30Screaming Banshee PizzaBehavior
1:30Stock ExchangeBoycott!
1:30St. Elmo BarFat Gray Cat
2Jonquil MotelThe Apaches
2POCOBrother Teresa
2Copper Queen SaloonKaddyWumpus
2Copper City SaloonPost HOC
2Grassy ParkFashion Show w/ Rad Dude
2The QuarryBlack Baptist
2:30Bisbee GrandJohnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
2:30Screaming Banshee PizzaThe Wilt Family
2:30Stock ExchangeAztral Folk
2:30Silver KingRonnie Winters
2:30St. Elmo BarSnailmate
3Old Bisbee Brewing Co.The Hourglass Cats
3Jonquil MotelTreasurefruit
3POCOCarrie Lynn Van Winkle
3Copper Queen SaloonMegan Diana
3Copper City SaloonDOMS
3ChuckleheadsNew River Slim
3Grassy ParkSean Golightly
3The QuarryLos Jones
3:30Bisbee GrandBen Nomura
3:30Screaming Banshee PizzaTender Desertrat
3:30Stock ExchangeDesert Purple
3:30Silver KingJay Allan
3:30St. Elmo BarDaDaDoh and the P.O.C.
4Jonquil MotelJohnathan Thomas & The Little Room Band
4POCOThe Exbats
4Copper Queen SaloonMinor Crimes
4Copper City SaloonThe Smiling Faces
4ChuckleheadsThe Psychedelephants
4Grassy ParkLa Luz de la Luna
4The QuarrySpectrum Hues
4:30Screaming Banshee PizzaRockin Chair
4:30Stock ExchangeSloan Dylan
4:30Silver KingJurro
4:30St. Elmo BarChzbrgr Picnic
4:45Bisbee GrandThe Walnuts
5Old Bisbee Brewing Co.I am Hologram
5Jonquil MotelPride Through Strife
5CourtyardFools Like Me
5POCOThe Whiskey Lickers
5Copper Queen SaloonThe Canaries
5Copper City SaloonJuniper Ridge
5ChuckleheadsTerra Fractal
5Grassy ParkRae Lydia Duo
5The QuarryLawnchair
5:30Bisbee GrandBlind Mountain Holler
5:30Screaming Banshee PizzaLiz Anne Hill
5:30Stock ExchangeRevizor
5:30Silver KingCarol Pacey & The Honey Pacers
5:30St. Elmo BarDanielle Durack
6Bisbee Social ClubA Band Called Sports
6Jonquil MotelThe Lonesome Wilderness
6CourtyardDoug Preston & Ronnie Winters Duo
6Copper Queen SaloonCosmic Cowboys
6Copper City SaloonOptimystical
6ChuckleheadsDesert Fantasy
6The QuarryOlympic Games
6:30Bisbee GrandShawn Johnson
6:30Screaming Banshee PizzaThe Ateliers
6:30Stock ExchangeMill’s End
6:30Silver KingExploding Oranges
6:30St. Elmo BarThe Banter
7Old Bisbee Brewing Co.Lynn Conover
7Bisbee Social ClubHI OK
7Jonquil MotelGolden Boots
7Copper Queen SaloonMichael & The Pentecost
7Copper City SaloonLatosque & Elysium
7ChuckleheadsMahogany 4
7The Quarry2000 Foot Turtle
7:30Bisbee GrandMidnight Clover
7:30Stock ExchangeCarrie Lynn Van Winkle
7:30Silver KingMonty O’Blivion
7:30St. Elmo BarAntenna Talk
8Bisbee Social ClubBoycott!
8Jonquil MotelThe Exbats
8CourtyardTender Desertrat
8Copper Queen SaloonSunburnt Stone
8Copper City SaloonNearvana
8ChuckleheadsSink Like A Stone
8The QuarryBlack Caesar
8:30Bisbee GrandShirley Shrimp
8:30Stock ExchangeCaptive Cooks
8:30Silver KingAztral Folk
8:30St. Elmo BarDeejay P-Phunk
9Old Bisbee Brewing Co.Megan Diana
9Bisbee Social ClubGnarwhal JRZ
9Jonquil MotelMelissa Reaves
9CourtyardLas Chollas Peligrosas
9Copper Queen SaloonPalo Brea
9Copper City SaloonThe Bittersweet Way
9ChuckleheadsMill’s End
9The QuarryPost HOC
9:30Bisbee GrandWhat’s The Big Idea
9:30Stock ExchangeLarkspurs
9:30Silver KingAlgae And Tentacles
9:30St. Elmo BarGidzillah
10Bisbee Social ClubLawnchair
10Copper Queen SaloonDanielle Durack
10Copper City SaloonThe Senators
10The QuarryThe Woodworks
10:30Bisbee GrandAztral Folk
10:30Stock ExchangeThe Apaches
10:30Silver KingBig Affection
10:45St. Elmo BarPride Through Strife
11Bisbee Social ClubColour TV
11Copper Queen SaloonQuinn & The Confluence
11Copper City SaloonTreasurefruit
11ChuckleheadsCaptive Cooks
11The QuarryShirley Shrimp
11:30Bisbee GrandDoug Preston & The Soul Searchers
11:30Stock ExchangeThe Lonesome Wilderness
11:30Silver KingSpicy Loops
MidnightBisbee Social ClubBrother Teresa
MidnightCopper City SaloonThe Groove Theory
MidnightChuckleheadsThe Maybe Next Years
MidnightThe QuarryDaDaDoh and the P.O.C.
Midnight:15St. Elmo BarThe Hourglass Cats
Midnight:30Stock ExchangeHostile Work Environment
Midnight:45Silver KingAnimatronic
1 AMCopper City SaloonSara Robinson Band
1 AMChuckleheadsGhost Cat Attack
1 AMThe QuarryAncient Egypt
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