Rock ‘n’ Rollin Concert

NOTE: THIS IS A SOCIALLY DISTANT EVENT… this is NOT a call to gather together!!!

Lord knows we all need some relief right about now and rock -n- roll has always been that for me! We’ll bring the show to you… you stay home.

Rock -n- Rollin’ Relief Concert
5pm Saturday, March 28
*LIVE* in Bisbee, AZ
Streaming live to the world via facebook

We will perform throughout BZB, on our awesome rolling stage bringing the show to ‘your house’ (or as near as we can via the road).

We need everyone to adhere to the recommended 6ft (or more) distance from each other, with the mask of your choice and, of course, costumes…!

The Rock -n- Rollin’ Relief show finale will be in the parking lot across from The Bisbee Mining Museum, drive-in style! You stay in the safe zone of your car and enjoy the finale.

We’re excited to offer a live-stream of the concert… stay tuned for details!

Find us along the way or join us at the finale (from a safe distance!)… Love You Bisbee!


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