Not Your Average Art Exhibit

Catdaddy here,
I’ve invited a few of my friends to join me in a Art Exhibit here in Bisbee, Memorial weekend. The show will be at Sonia Rita Wellness 50 Main St.
Some of you may know Phoenix Artist Matthew Wilcox from his great art pieces that he has exhibited at our annual Erotic show in the Fall. He’s got some new pieces to show.
Larry Safady is no stranger to Bisbee. Everybody fell in love with his Breastplate sculptures at last years Erotic show.
Then, there’s Kester Mark Pedro, an Artist who now resides in Sierra Vista, Az.
And, Me.
There will also be collage and Miniature works by my friend Kathy Smelser As well as large ceramic pieces by Mark Smelser. And rounding it off with my own Cindy Gillespie with some of her beautiful crochet pieces on display. There will be Refreshment and Music on Sat. 5-8pm. Hours of the show will be from Noon to 8pm on Sat. May 28th—–Noon to 5pm on Sunday May 29th—– and Noon to approximately 3pm Mon May 30th.

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