Ms. Cora’s Tale … Endnotes


It is my fervent wish that you have enjoyed this completely fictional tale of Old Bisbee. Although there is a parallel to places and events that actually occurred here, and while there are some names that may have been the names of real people, the similarity to persons of the same name and descriptions of people with the same name is coincidental. I did not know, for instance, that there actually was a whorehouse at #41 Brewery Gulch and that the madam was named Cora Miles. The serendipitous nature of this discovery was made while reading a recently published book Bisbee Noir, Saloon Life 1880 – 1915 written by local author Tom Vaugn. I obtained a copy of this book and read it just as I was beginning my final edit of this story. The name Cora Bush for the main protagonist and use of #41 Brewery Gulch as the location of the whorehouse so central to the story was, as I said above, serendipitous!

If you have read and enjoyed it … or even didn’t really enjoy it! … please send me your comments.

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