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The Musicians of Old Bisbee . . . Photos and time-lapse photos of the musicians and the music venues in Old Bisbee.

The Bisbee Adventure . . . A few short essays chronicling our decision to purchase a house in Old Bisbee.  Click/tap the links below to visit these pages.

Photoessays . . . Photos in this folder are woven into a narrative about various areas of Old Bisbee.

The Adventures of Biggy Bigeaux . . . Biggy Bigeaux drove a garbage truck in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana until his mama died. His adventures start down on Bayou Lafourche but after Chapter 1 they are all in New Orleans. Check it out.

Short Fiction . . . A few little ditties that I have written over the years.  If you like these, check out The Adventures of Biggy Bigeaux.

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