Friday Sidepony Lineup… Venue Sort

All times are PM unless AM is specified.

Bisbee Grand7:30Elijah Young
Bisbee Grand8:30The Stakes
Bisbee Grand9:30Sara Robinson Band
Bisbee Grand10:30The Exbats
Bisbee Social Club6Lynn Conover
Bisbee Social Club7The Wilt Family
Bisbee Social Club8Sean Golightly
Bisbee Social Club9Miss Olivia and the Interlopers
Bisbee Social Club10Ghost Cat Attack
Bisbee Social Club11The Canaries
Bisbee Social ClubMidnightBen Nomura Band
Chuckleheads4A Band Called Sports
Chuckleheads5Sci-Fi Country
Chuckleheads620 Ft. Neon Jesus
Chuckleheads7DaDaDoh and the P.O.C.
Chuckleheads8Pat Gray Cat
Chuckleheads9Brother Teresa
Chuckleheads10Palo Brea
Chuckleheads11What’s the Big Idea
Copper City Saloon4Michael & the Pentecost
Copper City Saloon5Smooch
Copper City Saloon6Hostile Work Assignment
Copper City Saloon7Yip Yops
Copper City Saloon8Lawnchair
Copper City Saloon9Antenna Talk
Copper City Saloon10Howl
Copper City Saloon11Gidzillah
Copper City SaloonMidnight20 Ft Neon Jesus
Copper City Saloon1 AMDeejay P-Phunk
Copper Queen Saloon4Animatronic
Copper Queen Saloon5Jed Foster (of the Bittersweet Way)
Copper Queen Saloon6The Senators
Copper Queen Saloon7Revizor
Copper Queen Saloon8Sink Like A Stone
Copper Queen Saloon9Prose and Cons
Copper Queen Saloon10Doug Preston and the Soul Searchers
Copper Queen Saloon11Fools Like Me
Courtyard5Sara McAllister Duo
Courtyard6The Ateliers
Courtyard7Dan Simonis
Courtyard8Quinn and the Confluence
Courtyard9Jet Dread Stone
Jonquil3The Whiskey Lickers
Jonquil4Jet Dread Stone
Jonquil5Sloan Dylan
Jonquil6Miss Olivia and the Interlopers
Jonquil7One Ghost
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.1Jay Allan
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.3Danielle Durack
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.5Carrie Lynn Van Winkle
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.7Melissa Reaves
Old Bisbee Brewing Co.9Pride Through Strife
POCO11 AMTariff-by-the-Sea
POCONoonPanther Band
POCO1Jet Dread Stone
POCO2Gnarwhal JRZ
POCO3Cosmic Cowboys
POCO4Miss Olivia and the Interlopers
POCO5I Am Hologram
Screaming Banshee Pizza1:30Jurro
Screaming Banshee Pizza2:30Exploding Oranges
Screaming Banshee Pizza3:30Anameke (of Treasure Fruit)
Screaming Banshee Pizza4:30Rae Lydia Duo
Silver King3Rachel Bachman
Silver King4Blind Mountain Holler
Silver King5Liz Anne Hill
Silver King6Tati Crespo
Silver King8The Toxic Femininity
Silver King9Elijah Young
Silver King9:45Mahogany 4
Silver King10:30Rae Lydia Duo
Silver King11:30Meet the Sun
Silver KingMidnight:30The Senators
St. Elmo Bar5:30Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
St. Elmo Bar6:30Olympic Games
St. Elmo Bar7:30Rockin Chair
St. Elmo Bar8:30Meet the Sun
St. Elmo Bar9:30Like Diamonds
St. Elmo Bar10:30Yip Yops
St. Elmo Bar11:30Rad Dude
St. Elmo BarMidnight:30The Woodworks
Stock Exchange2:30Haley Green
Stock Exchange3:30Howl
Stock Exchange4:30What’s the Big Idea
Stock Exchange5:30Palo Brea
Stock Exchange6:30Colour TV
Stock Exchange7:30Post Hoc
Stock Exchange8:30Ancient Egypt
Stock Exchange9:30The Hourglass Cats
Stock Exchange10:30Dadadoh and the P.O.C.
Stock Exchange11:30The color 8
Stock ExchangeMidnight::30The Stakes
The Quarry6HI OK
The Quarry7DOMS
The Quarry8Terra Fractal
The Quarry9The Smiling Faces
The Quarry10Chzbrgr Picnic
The Quarry11Snailmate
The QuarryMidnightThe Psychedelephants
The Quarry1 AMThe Bittersweet Way
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