Death & the Maiden

Death & the Maiden coming to the Bisbee Royale. Nikki Heinrich, Gene Conners, Alex O’Meara, and Will Gronlund star in Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden at the Bisbee Royale, March 15-17, and March 22 & 23.

Paulina is convinced that the guest her lawyer husband brings home is the same man who kidnapped, tortured and raped her years ago. Holding him captive at gunpoint, she repeatedly attacks him and demands that he confess his crime. Her husband tries to stand by his wife and her claims, but he begins to doubt her story and the claims. She forces her husband to represent the guest in a mock trial that she devises.

This play is intense, compelling, marvelously entertaining, and thought-provoking. It’s about relationships, the #metoo movement, Trump, murder, and the choices we wrestle with in deciding how we treat one another.

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