Biggy Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

On the following night, Friday, Biggy left his apartment at 11:30 and drove out to St. Charles. He turned towards downtown and drove along, watching for the streetcar to come towards him. When he saw the car, he turned around and drove back to Riverbend parking again in his usual spot just past the Maple Street stop.

After the car had stopped and proceeded out Carrollton again, Biggy saw Polly walking towards Burthe on the opposite side of Carrollton. He watched her turn onto Burthe before getting out of his truck. We walked to Burthe. As he stepped out into Carrollton to cross, he could barely see Polly turning down the driveway of her house.

He walked slowly along in front of the house, noting that there were no other pedestrians on the street and no cars coming. Taking one last look around, he disappeared into the privet hedge.

It was very dark and there were no lights on in any of the windows. Biggy crept along, using his hands to feel his way. The hedge had not been trimmed in a very long time and was very leggy. Long switch-like branches slapped him in the face. They even brushed against the house in many spots. Biggy carefully moved them aside and let them fall back into place without changing the rhythm of the sloughing sounds they made. He passed two sets of double windows a few feet apart. There was no light in either of them. He moved slowly towards the back of the house to another set of double windows. Just as he came even with the first one, a light popped on inside. Biggy froze and slowly stepped back being careful not to make a sound.

The windowsill was about four feet above the ground. The Venetian blind on this window came down to within just about two inches from the bottom of the sill. Biggy crouched down and eased himself closer in order to peek into narrow opening. He was looking into a bedroom. The room was dimly illuminated with light from two doors, one on the wall to Biggy’s right toward the back of the house and the other on the wall straight in front of him. A lavatory was visible through that door so he figured it was a bathroom. A pair of shoes that had been carelessly kicked off were laying near the bathroom door.

Presently Polly walked out and kicked the shoes aside. She tossed her jeans, that she had been carrying in one hand, onto a chair in the corner. Pale blue panties were visible below the tail of her shirt which she was in the process of unbuttoning as she walked. With the shirt unbuttoned Biggy could see that her bra was the same light blue color as her panties. She began to shrug the shirt off her shoulders. She turned to face the wall so that her back was to Biggy. Reaching behind her she deftly unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, at the same time reaching for a T-shirt that hung on a hook on the wall right in front of her. She slipped the shirt over her head before turning around and walking across and into the back room.

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After she disappeared, Biggy slowly made his way to the back corner of the house and stood there in the shadows surveying the backyard, no more than a small courtyard, actually. A patio table shaded by an umbrella sat in the center with four chairs arranged around it. At the back edge was a narrow strip of grass and an old wooden fence ran across the back of the lot. An old wooden garage that looked like it was about to fall down was at the end of the driveway on the other side.

The courtyard was not lit but light from the windows of Polly’s apartment illuminated it fully, or so it appeared to Biggy who had been in almost total darkness at the side of the house for several minutes. He could tell by the pattern of light on the courtyard and table that the blinds were open.

At that point, his fear got the best of him and he slithered back along the side to the front. After determining that there was no one who would see him, he eased out to the sidewalk, and walked quickly toward Carrollton.

On Saturday night Biggy had to make a couple of emergency deliveries on Bourbon so it was after midnight before he even started back uptown, too late to go to Polly’s. He’d have to wait till Sunday night. But Polly didn’t come home when she should have so Biggy would have to wait even longer to go into the bushes again. He was obsessed with seeing her undress again. But he knew if he kept this up she would catch him and report him. But he had to see her one more time.

On Tuesday night Biggy was back in position but at midnight she hadn’t gotten there. Then Biggy remembered what she had said last week when she and her group were leaving Jake’s. She’d said ‘I have to work tomorrow this week.’ So, maybe some weeks she didn’t have to work on Tuesday. But, what Biggy figured was that if she were off both Monday and Tuesday she would surely be working Wednesday so he would be in position the next night. He knew that, while he had no way to exactly determine her schedule, he had figured it out enough to be near her car stop when she got off.

The following night, Wednesday, Polly got home on time and Biggy was there. He followed her at a distance, waiting to give her time to get in her door before slithering along the side of the house and taking up his position at her bedroom window. He arrived there just as the light came on. Polly walked in from the other room. She repeated almost exactly her movements from the previous Friday night, kicking off her shoes as soon as she entered the room. Going straight to the bathroom. Coming back out a few minutes later. Tossing her jeans over onto the chair. Tonight her panties were white. Once again she turned towards the wall to finish unbuttoning her shirt and tossing it on top of the jeans. She unclasped the bra and added it to the stack before slipping the T-shirt over her head. She pulled it down so all that was visible beneath it was the triangular outline of her crotch formed by the curvature of her buttocks at the bottom of the shirt. She turned to go into the back room and he could see the same area of panties from the front. He began to feel a stirring in his groin.

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Polly left the bedroom and returned to the living room. As soon as she disappeared, Biggy quickly rounded the corner, surveying the courtyard to make sure no one, man or beast, was there. None were. He silently crept along until he came to the first window, extending his head just far enough from the bottom corner to see inside. Had Polly been looking directly at the window she would have seen his face there but she was busy in the kitchen, a small alcove across the room from Biggy’s vantage point. She was pouring wine from a bottle into a wineglass. When the glass was almost full she replaced the stopper in the bottle and put it back inside the refrigerator, her back to the windows. She turned and started across the room, walking directly towards Biggy. He could see the bulge her mons pubis made on the front of her panties.

Biggy stiffened. At least one certain part of him did. He had never actually seen a woman from this vantage point before. This was such a different experience from the ones at the Bide-A-Wee. He had never seen a woman in just her panties. At the Bide-A-Wee things were much more clinical than that.

Now here he was watching a beautiful woman walking straight toward him in her panties. She took three steps from the refrigerator and flipped off the overhead light before crossing to the sofa directly across from the window. The room was momentarily in shadow but as soon as she reached the sofa she turned on a lamp standing next to it and sat down. She placed her glass of wine on the end table and picked up a book.

Settling in on the sofa, she turned and placed her feet on it, knees bent and about a foot apart. Biggy could see directly into her crotch. He was fully aroused now.

As she read, her knees moved back and forth. Together and then back apart again. Slowly and rhythmically.

After a minute or two Biggy shifted his gaze upwards. The exquisite shape of her breasts was clearly visible beneath the thin jersey T-shirt. The nipples protruded prominently at the center of each breast, seeming to almost burst through the fabric.

Biggy’s gaze alternated between those beautiful breasts and her crotch. Occasionally she would scratch herself or rub her hand across her mons. The situation became unbearble for Biggy. He felt himself stiffen even more as he shot his wad in his briefs.

The ejaculate felt warm and sticky inside his pants. Despite his fascination with the sight before him, he couldn’t stand there at the window any longer so he eased himself backwards to the corner of the house and disappeared into the darkness at the side. When he got to the front, he watched the sidewalk for a few minutes, listening to see if he could hear anyone walking along and watching for traffic on the street. Satisfying himself that he was alone and no one was watching, he emerged from his hiding place and walked briskly towards Carrollton where his truck was parked. He prayed he would not meet anyone who would see the large wet spot on the front of his jeans.

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Safely inside his truck he breathed a sigh of relief and drove himself home. Once inside his apartment he dropped his jeans and sticky underwear on the floor and wedged himself into his tiny shower. As the warm water washed away the stickiness Biggy continued to think about Polly and the vision he had just experienced. He relived over-and-over again every second from the time Polly came into her bedroom and began to take off her clothes until she sat down on the sofa and reached down to pull her panties out of her crotch. The thought of it was enough to cause him to get excited again. His erection grew as he dried himself and lay down on his bed. A few minutes later he had to get up and get back in the shower as his entire chest was covered with sticky ejaculate.

The next night Biggy really wanted to go back and watch Polly again but he didn’t want to establish a pattern that someone along the street would notice. He waited until Friday night. Thursday night was agony but he consoled himself by bringing up the vision of Polly in those white panties and that thin T-shirt and masturbating.

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