The Adventures of Biggy Bigeaux


(Copyright, Willard Douglas. All rights reserved.)


Biggy Bigeaux drives a garbage truck for a living. He lives on a houseboat permanently moored on Bayou Lafourche in south Louisiana roughly a one hour drive south of New Orleans. When Biggy finds his mama dead one afternoon, he decides to go to New Orleans and ask an old school chum Zack for a job.

I invite you to be a beta reader of this short novel. It is as yet only about 95% complete but I expect to have it completed within a week.

If you decide to read, I would very much appreciate it if you keep the following in mind:

  • First and foremost, if you see misspellings, typos or grammatical errors, please let me know, keeping in mind that virtually all of the characters speak in some version of a New Orleans / South Louisiana accent. Thus, please don’t try to correct any dialog in quotation marks.

  • If there are passages you don’t understand, please let me know that as well. If it is so bad you feel you need an explanation before you continue to read, you can call or text me (520-343-4404). I have tried very hard to prevent this situation from happening but I can’t know how anyone else who reads the book will react to any particular situation.

  • Please provide me with any feedback you feel appropriate including being critical of style, content, or anything else that you feel might improve the book. (Telling me ‘This book is a piece of crap!’ is perfectly legitimate.) I promise to consider any suggestions you may have for improving the book. No comment, regardless of how critical, will be taken personally. However, I don’t promise to make every change you suggest!

  • And now, the mechanics. Each chapter is presented as an HTML file so any amount of text can be copied and pasted into an external text file. My preference would be for you to compile all of your comments, suggestions, etc. in one place before sending them to me via email ( but you may also text me or send the comments in a PM. I ask that for each note you send you include the chapter number and at least four words in sequence from the text. This will make it very easy for me to search for the string of words.

  • If you decide to take this challenge and become a beta reader, I sincerely hope you find the book interesting and I thank you in advance. I look forward to seeing your comments.

  • Finally, if you know of anyone who would be willing to be a beta reader for me please let me know how to contact them.

Link to Chapter 1

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